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About Abcut Tree Service, Inc.

About Abcut Tree Service, Inc.

Certified and licensed arborists, Abcut Tree Service, Inc. knows what needs to be done when it comes to trees.

Trees are a great addition to any property. They provide shade, oxygen, pleasant scents in the air and just make a place seem more cheerful. Some people even make it a policy to plant a tree each time one of their children is born so that their child can see the tree grow alongside it.

How to keep your tree healthy

Keeping your trees in perfect health is not always easy, however. Trees can become sick or infested and it takes special knowledge to be able to take care of these tree related problems. Trees can become sick for several reasons, but most commonly it is due to environmental conditions. Here are a few tips to keep your trees healthy.

Trees breathe and so do their roots. That is why when you over-water a tree it can drown. The roots close to the surface absorb the most air, which means practices that restrict air from reaching the roots can cause the tree harm. Excess mulching has this problem. Mulch is a good idea for many trees, but if there is too much then the roots will not be able to get the air they need. Still another issue is soil compaction, where the dirt has been too densely packed and the roots cannot get the air they need. To prevent this you may wish to till the soil around a tree if you think the soil has been compacted.

If your tree isn't looking its best and the problem is not one mentioned above then, Abcut Tree Service, Inc. can help you solve your tree problems, often with only one visit.

Besides tree health, Abcut Tree Service, Inc. can also help the tree owners of Yorktown Heights with: