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A Cut Above

What are the benefits of tree care?

Well-cared for trees provide many benefits:

Yorktown Heights and Somers Tree Service

Abcut Tree Service, Inc. is a professional tree service and arborist company, serving Somers and the surrounding area. For years we have been providing Somers's home and business owners with a variety of services, including tree trimming, tree removal, planting, tree cabling, land clearing, stump removal, lightning protection, and tree health and pest management.

Why do I need an arborist?

Arborists are specialists in tree care. We are trained and equipped to evaluate a tree's needs and provide it with everything it requires to grow and flourish. Proper tree care is the difference between attractive trees that add value to your property and a poorly maintained tree that is a danger and liability. Additionally, dealing with large trees can be dangerous work, both in terms of falls from high in the tree when pruning or removing branches, and falling branches that can damage property or cause injuries. Arborists are trained to take all the proper precautions, and can minimize the risks. Please feel free to browse our services and see how we can help you.


5 Stars

Very professional job, did a great job cleaning up my large oak tree and he cleaned up all the wood chips after. Donny from Abcut is the best Arborist I have used yet!
- Kevin Duffelmeyer

5 Stars

Working with Abcut has been a pleasure. So professional and completely honest. Recommend to anyone with any kind of tree/outdoors work. Thank you!
- Will Jaz

5 Stars

Great service. Fair price.
- Dan Jocelyn